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If you are planning an eCommerce website, you will need a 3 important items before you can launch your eCommerce store:

  1. An SSL Certificate
  2. A Payment Gateway
  3. A Merchant Account

An SSL Certificate secures your customers personal credit card data and transaction details as it gets passed to your payment gateway. The security is expressed in bits, all SSL certificates we offer are double standard encryption at 256bit encryption.

payment gateway acts as an intermediary between your website and your bank. The gateway handles the authorization of the purchase, and does so by first checking the credit card information provided by your customer, and then verifies that the customer’s bank account has funds available to make the purchase. Once that is completed, a response code is passed back to your eCommerce cart for approval (or disapproval) and your customer gets to buy what is in their online shopping cart.

Your merchant account is necessary in this process because the gateway passes the transaction and credit card details off to your merchant account where the credit card is actually processed; usually the processing occurs at the end of the day in what is called a batch. Very soon after that, your merchant account releases the money into your business bank account.

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We work exclusively with Authorize.net for both Payment Gateways and Merchant Accounts. You may obtain a merchant account from any provider, including your bank, but we strongly encourage you to use Authorize.net because of trust and U.S. based customer support.

Download Our payment gateway/merchant account application here. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to call us at (518) 842-3242.

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We offer very competivie rates on all of our payment gateway services.

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Ecommerce Payment Gateway Pricing
Gateway Setup Fee $99.00
Monthly Gateway Fee $20.00*
Transaction Fee $0.10*
Batch Fee $0.25*
Virtual Terminal (for processing phone orders) FREE
Customer Support FREE
Fraud Prevention
(AVS) Tools Address Verification Service FREE
(CCV) Card Code Verification FREE
Connection Methods
Advanced Integration Method: customer pays on your Web site FREE
Server Integration Method: customer pays on Authorize.Net Web site FREE
Simple Checkout: customer pays on Authorize.Net Web site FREE
Optional Payment Gateway Features
Advanced Fraud Detection Suite™, Identifies Suspicious Online Orders $9.95/mo.
(ARB) Automated Recurring Billing™, Subscription Billing Tool $10.00/mo.
(CIM) Customer Information Manager, Simplifies Storage of Sensitive Customer Data $20.00/mo.
eCheck.Net ® (Accept Electronic Checks) Contact us*
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* Actual retail fees vary according to prices set by Authorize.Net resellers, who determine prices based on your business type and transaction volume, as well as other factors such as special promotions. The fee structure above does not include merchant account fees charged by your bank or card association.