Here’s how you can set up automatic filters in Gmail.

1) In Gmail, put the keyword or email address you’d like to filter out in your search bar up top. Click enter.


2) You might already have emails that fit in this cateogry. Regardless, click the little grey triangle in the search box.


3) A drop down will appear. If you’d like to refine your filtering here even further, you can do so. Once you’ve selected what content you want to filter, click “Create filter with this search.”


4) Now you decide what you want this filter to do. Then, click “Apply Label.”

For example, if you’d like to get emails with the given search criteria to not pop up in your inbox, but have it be in an easy-to-access place, select “Skip the Inbox (Archive it)” and then “Apply Label.”


5) Next, click the drop-down under “Apply Label,” and either select a label you already have or click “New label…”. After you’ve selected or created the label you want, if you’d like to include previous emails in this thread, you can check “apply filter to matching conversations.” Then, click “Create filter.”


6) Voila! Then, you’ll get a folder in your sidebar with all of the previous conversations automatically routed in there. Then, you can check it at your convenience.