Everyone is Going Mobile

Kubalek Internet Solutions offers strategic ad services for marketing across mobile platforms. BreezeTXT, our proprietary ad management technology, offers full transparency for ad serving and real-time campaign reporting across multiple mobile applications and networks. Ad targeting is available by smartphone device type, carrier, location, demographic, keyword and more.

How Can A Mobile Marketing Campaign Help You?

Most retailers have experienced low mid-week sales and for some retailers low mid-week sales has unfortunately become commonplace. Another challenge often experienced is old and existing inventory that needs to be sold before the next shipment to avoid stock piling excess inventory and tying up capital.

Mobile Marketing allows retailers to communicate information directly to their customers. Retailers can send out messages that are relevant and reach their customers helping to drive traffic to their store(s) and increase sales. People take their cell phone with them wherever they go making text messaging a great way to keep individuals informed and updated on special promotions, new product arrivals and contests. Mobile Marketing provides retailers the ability to establish and maintain invaluable connections with their customers

Popular mobile marketing services include:

  • Location Based Ad Targeting
  • Special Offers
  • Discount Coupons
  • News & Alerts
  • Reminders
  • Product specifications
  • Directions and/or instructions
  • Links to downloads, files, webpages
  • Event invitations
  • and more!