You Have Built the Website, Now What?

Even the most innovative website in the world is useless if no one sees it. Creating an outstanding website is only half the journey of making your company’s online presence successful. Since 1999 Kubalek Internet Solutions has been helping businesses from Nashville to Los Angeles to South Lake Tahoe drive customers to their websites by improving search engine placement, visibility, site architecture and design.

We work closely with each of our customers to formulate a unique SEO strategy based on your organization’s goals and budget. With our expert advice and years of experience we will help you increase your company’s visibility, drive customers to your website and ultimately help build your brand.

why consider seo?

A year 2000 study by Forrester Research showed that 81% of Internet users found new websites by using search engines. In 2003, a Penn State University study showed that the top 30 results (roughly the first three pages) of any search engine query got over 90% of the web traffic, with the top 10 results receiving nearly 80% more traffic than the rest. Today (year 2010) those statistics are roughly 75%, 95% and 90%, respectively.

We understand that SEO is a long tail game, and although placement can deliver traffic, it is small traffic derived from many diverse keywords that can actually deliver more overall traffic. We know that just creating great content and waiting for people to find it is not a pro-active strategy. We help you build channels to pull more readers to your content, including social media, social bookmarking and other news sources.

If you’ve found little success with search engine placement on your own, you may be targeting the wrong keywords for your website or focusing on the wrong search terms. Our keyword research will make sure you target the right keywords to improve your rankings and help to direct multiple streams of traffic to your website.

Not sure about the importance of SEO yet? Take a look at our five reasons for SEO.

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